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Business Architecture Essentials

‘Defining your Architecture Scope: The Role of Value Chains’


In the first Article of this series, I discussed the current interest in Business Architecture that has been brewing in the last little while and also discussed some of the frameworks that professionals have been looking at for guidance and inspiration. The first article was intended to provide an overview of the field and it introduced an overarching set of concepts that we in Process Renewal Group have been successfully using to classify and categorize issues of concern.In the articles to come in this series I will examine all of these areas plus some others not apparent I the diagram itself, but before I get specific on any one of them we have to look at the question of scope and inclusion of the Business Architecture itself. This is not such an easy question as it may first appear.

Will we include an entire corporation or a whole government? Will we only look at a small focussed organizational unit or group? Will we go outside the bounds of an organization to include others? It is critical that everyone agrees on what is the scope of inclusion and where is the line of exclusion of the effort and the knowledge to be captured and sustained or the effort is doomed. What about a Value Chain approach rather than an organizational one and which value chains are in or out if there are more than one. There are also many ways to look at Value Chains. We will sort through all of these thorny choices in this article. You can download a copy at http://www.processrenewal.com/business-architecture-essentials/


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