This program is intended to be a refresher course for forensic pathology officers who are already in the service.   It is at most a two day course covering the whole spectrum in the medical legal investigation of death (MLID).  Its core content is aligned to the objectives of the Forensic Pathology Support, SAQA qualification ID 58183 and addresses critical day to day activities that forensic officers face in the workplace.

The program designed is for entry level cadres (forensic officer grade 1) who do not have a qualification in forensic science but have matric and other degrees.   The two day program is an interactive process addressing practical challenges experienced in rendering of medical legal investigation of death.  The course acknowledges that in many areas there are no forensic pathologists and forensic officers who work with medical officers who are either session doctors or full time doctors doing forensic work.

This course will empower forensic pathology officers in out flung areas where there are no specialised services, like x- rays, to perform at minimum accepted standards.   It will also assist other stakeholders like the SAPS and judiciary to be handed credible material and information by the forensic officers.