Dates: 8 - 9 November 2017, Protea OR Tambo Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa,


Developing Strategy Formulation and Implementation Capabilities

The demand for managers with strategic management capabilities is ever increasing in the competitive and volatile business environment of the 21st century. Managers who have acquired these competencies are able to take on challenges and rise in the corporate ladder.  This programme is more about changing your perspectives and giving you unparalleled competencies qualifying you to be a change agent for your organisation.

Programme Objectives

  • Interpret the internal and external forces shaping the future
  • How to identify critical strategic issues and opportunities
  • Develop, design, and implement the right strategy using a variety of tools and frameworks
  • Develop key  leadership  skills which enable strategic plans to be implemented effectively

Who should Attend

  1. Managers and executives who responsible for developing and executing strategies to make their business more successful
  2. Senior functional and Divisional managers preparing to transition into strategic management
  3. Individuals looking to broaden their strategic thinking skills


 Unpacking Pure Strategy

  • The difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Determining the Strategic Dimension level of thinking
  • Understanding and optimising Perception in group strategic thinking
  • Identifying the essence of strategy


Scenario Planning/Industry Analysis and Positioning

  • The pivotal role of conceptualisation – current and future
  • Scenario Planning – why it’s needed and tools for scenario planning
  • Strategic Responses to Rapid Change
  • Nothing fails like past success
  • Change management is not Change leadership


 True North– Vision – Responding to increasing volitility

  • Vision – the Destination and Power
  • The critical role of Vision focused decision-making
  • The role of Leadership and the Leadership Principle
  • Leadership - Bridging the Gap
  • Linking Leadership to the Brand
  • Brand Personification and its effect on strategic progress
  • Responding to the ‘Opt in Generation’.


 True North – Mission – The Core of ‘Doing’

  • Defining a Mission
  • Determining Strategic Intent
  • Ascertaining critical Success factors
  • Agreeing key performance indicators


 True North – The Competitive Advantage of Values

  • Values – what are they really
  • Role of Values
  • Leadership and Values
  • Bottom line value of being principle-centred.
  • Determining the ‘Why‘


Framework for Strategic Planning

  • Critical aspects of the SWOT
  • Bringing power to the SWOT
  • The current and future elements of the SWOT
  • Scenario Planning and the SWOT


Tactical Thinking – Linking Strategy to Operations

  • The Link between Tactical and Strategic Thinking
  • Turning Strategy into Tactical Action Plans
  • The Dilemma of the Execution Gap
  • The Value of Focus – the discipline to do what needs to be done
  • Securing sustainable effective implementation


 Linking Strategy to Effective Leadership (Strategy Implementation)

  • Power of being proactive – make the choices!
  • Knowing your destination
  • Doing what is important to move forward
  • Develop a mind-set of collective quality thinking
  • Understand the power of listening
  • Understand the connectedness of things and effect of collaboration
  • Balance and leading by example


 Your Front Line Will Determine Your Bottom Line (Strategy Implementation)

  • Find the Right DNA – find and keep the best
  • What to look out for as Leaders
  • Moving from mediocrity to greatness.
  • Live your Brand – secure loyalty beyond logic

Programme Director


Richard Lewis


Richard Lewis is the founder of Richard Lewis Strategic Services, the MD of Motion Media Productions and a non-executive director of several companies including, since 2007, JSE AltX listed BSI Steel. Read more


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