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In the wake of COVID 19 we have taken steps to ensure high standards of personal hygiene and avoidance of any persons who might have contacted people infected by the corona virus. At the entrance of our venues JP Executive Communications in partnership with Pharmaceutical Management Services have engaged healthcare professionals to do a precautionary health screening for all attendees, JP Exec Staff, Hotel staff and all speakers. This will involve sanitizing and answering questions on travel history. This is to ensure that any persons displaying flu symptoms are not permitted in the conference venue.

Upskilling Professionals

JP Executive Communications prides its self in being a human capital development partner that has its base supported by a strong culture of professionalism, integrity and excellence.

In our training offerings, we are driven by the desire to cover industry imaging issues. Our programmes are customized, flexible and respond to changes as well as developmental needs of 21 century organisations. We do not only have in-depth knowledge of the past and present business knowledge but the future is in our scope as well. We are abreast with the possible scenarios of the fourth Industrial revolution. Doing business with us is choosing to get the best outcomes ever.

Why Choose Our Programmes?

  • Applicable executive education with immediate impact in your organisation.
  • Proven track record – Learn from our facilitators with practical industry experience
  • Increase your value and take your career to the next level.
  • Network and share experiences with like-minded professionals from diverse industries.

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