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Vaccine Mandates: Implications for Employers 11 March 2022

Get the best advice for your organisation on most pressing legal considerations that matter and become informed on implications for introducing vaccine mandates in your organisation. Registration is R2750 including VAT. 

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Governing Emerging Risks Seminar 16-17 March 2022

As organisations continue to operate in the most uncertain times, this seminar brings high level expertise and immeasurable new information on risk governance.  Join other executives from across different industry sectors. 

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Value Based Primary Care Conference 23-24 March 2022

The conference seeks to showcase advantages of value-based practices over other traditional of practices.  The deliberations should demonstrate local and international case studies of various value-based care approaches and how these have led to improvements in quality, outcomes, and patient experience.  The conference should also address the regulatory and policy environment and how this promotes or impedes value-based care.  Register here to be equipped, learn best practices and the network with value based minded professionals.

Information & Cyber Security Senior Management 23-24 March 2022

Increasingly many organisations have fallen to information security and cyber attacks globally.  The incidences have accelerated under the new remote working conditions many organisations have embraced.  In South Africa some government departments as well as private sector organisations have fallen victim to these security issues leading to massive theft, financial losses and reputational damage.  Remote working tools and supply chain sometimes the major targets and other examples of threats include ransom ware, and covid19 scams.

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